Rayners Essentials Fairtrade Organic Golden Syrup 340g
£3.01 £3.49
Produced from only the best organically-grown cane sugar, this certified product exhibits the sweetness and flavour of only the finest Golden Syrup. Use to drizzle...
Rayners Essentials Malt Extract 340g
£2.12 £2.39
Our Malt Extract is produced from Prime English barley and we pack it to retain all its natural goodness. We recommend one tablespoonful per day...
Potters Malt Extract & Cod Liver Oil & Honey & Butterscotch 650g
£5.90 £6.29
Potters Malt Extract with Cod Liver Oil is a source of nutrition, energy and B vitamins. Malt Extract is recognised as a valuable supplement to...
NKD Living Naked Syrup 450g
£7.80 £9.99
Naked Syrup is rich in fibre (28%), low in carbohydrates and low in sugar (3g / 100g) ! It still has the same delicious taste...
Troo Spoonful of Fibre 227g
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Troo Spoonful of Fibre - the easiest way to add prebiotic fibre to your diet. Just a spoonful a day is scientifically proven to bring...
St Lawrence Gold Organic Grade A Amber Colour  Rich Taste Maple Syrup 500ml
£10.66 £12.89
This delicious tasting maple syrup is handcrafted from over 100 Red Maple Tree Forests. Amber Colour, Rich Taste Maple Syrup is made from sap harvested...
Shady Farm Organic Maple Syrup Pouch 125ml
£3.41 £3.99
Shady Farm Organic Maple Syrup Pouch 125mlPour over pancakes, porridge, ice cream, strawberries, and other fresh fruit or add a dash to the pan for...
Shady Farm Maple Syrup 250ml
£6.21 £7.49
Shady Farm Maple Syrup 250mlShady Maple Farms 'No.1 Medium' is a premium, organic maple syrup. It has a crisp, clean flavour and bright, clear, golden...
Rowse Buckwud Maple Syrup 250g
£5.21 £6.25
Organic 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup 100% pure from organic trees to your table Suitable for vegetarians and vegans 100% Pure & Organic Canadian Maple...
Rayners Essentials Organic Malt Extract 340g
£2.60 £2.99
Our Malt Extract is produced from Prime English barley and we pack it to retain all its natural goodness. We recommend one tablespoonful per day...
Rayners Essentials Organic Black Treacle 340g
£2.12 £2.39
Our Organic Black Treacle is produced from the very best organically-grown cane sugar. Use in cakes, bread, toffee, biscuits, sauces, casseroles and Christmas Puddings or...
Rabenhorst Prune nectar 750ml
£4.08 £4.29
Immediately after harvesting, carefully selected plums are dried, processed and gently bottled at Rabenhorst, using traditional, sulphur-free techniques. The result is a nutritious and fruity...
Rabenhorst Org wheatgrass Cocktail 750ml
£4.90 £5.20
The idea of creating a juice which contains all the goodness of fresh wheat grass has fascinated people for centuries. Forget about the time and...
Rabenhorst Org pure aronia juice 330ml
£4.24 £4.42
Premium quality organic 100% pure Aronia juice. No concentrate, no added sugar. Native in North America, it became popular in Eastern Europe beginning of last...
Rabenhorst Org Cherry Nectar 750ml
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Freshly harvested, fully ripened, dark-red morello cherries and fully aromatic sour cherries are processed in our own press house. Through the interplay of these traditional...
Rabenhorst Org Carrot Juice 100% 750ml
£3.80 £3.91
Organic Carrot Juice With a Dash of Lemon Juice - 100% Pure JuiceEnjoy this delicious juice, which through careful processing retains the nutrients and goodness...
Rabenhorst Org Beetroot Juice 100% 750ml
£3.80 £3.91
Pure juice – Not from concentrate.Beetroot has always been considered to be an all round healthy vegetable. It is known for its high polyphenol content.IngredientsOrganic...
Rabenhorst Cranberry Juice 750ml
£7.97 £8.84
100% Pure juice – not from concentrateAt Rabenhorst they select untreated North American cranberries, which have been carefully pressed ensuring that they retain their valuable...
Quest Infant Multi Liquid 150ml
A liquid food supplement providing vitamins, iron and zinc with DHA containing a blend of 14 vitamins and mineral along with DHA an essential fatty...
Ginger Party Organic Ginger Syrup 237ml
£3.30 £3.89
Golden ginger-infused syrup to drizzle over fruit salads, ice cream, or cakes. Swirl the sweetness of ginger into a warm bowl of oatmeal or glaze...
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