Symphony Swing Bin Liners 15s
Totally degradable d2w swing bin liners. D2w swing bin liners degrade in normal environmental situations into water, co2 and a small amount of bio mass.Ingredients:Plastic....
Symphony Refuse Sacks Value Pack 20s
This plastic really is 100 percent degradable.Ingredients:Plastic.
Symphony Refuse Sacks With Drawtape 10s
Symphony Environmental are a relatively small company, their office is near Elstree Studios where the 1st Superman movie was filmed. They've found an alternative to...
Symphony Refuse Sacks 10s
you care for the environment with these degradable plastic bags. After its useful life this unique product will degrade totally and harmlessly. The bags will...
Symphony Food & Freezer Bags Large 100s
Symphony d2w freezer bags are Totally degradable in a normal environment. They degrade to water, CO2 a small amount of bio-mass. Size: 225mm x 355mm...
Suma Refuse sacks made with minimum 50% post-consumer recycled plastic
Refuse sacks made with minimum 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. Measures 29 x 39 inchesThis product is Vegan.
Safewrap Swing Bin Liners 20 bags
£2.85 £2.99
Constructed out of high density polythene, these Safewrap Swing Bin Liners are perfect for disposing of your waste without having to worry about tearing or...
If You Care Kitchen Caddy Bags (food waste bags) 30 bags
£4.78 £5.49
If You Care Kitchen Caddy Bags (Food Waste Bags) 30 Bags If You Care Certified Compostable Food Waste Bags are made from 100% GMO free...
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