BionaOrganic kimchi 350g
£3.40 £3.99
£3.40 £3.99
Biona Organic Kimchi is made with fresh naturally fermented organic vegetables. Warm and spicy with a deep tangy flavour, Biona Kimchi is perfect as a...
Biona Organic Creamed Coconut 200g
£1.80 £1.99
Biona Creamed Coconut is made from the finest organic coconuts, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. Creamed coconut can be used to...
Biona Wild Rice Mix(Wild Red and brown Rice) Organic 500g
£3.09 £3.59
The combination of Italian red rice from Piedmont, long grain rice, black rice and Canadian wild rice adds an exotic flavour to your favourite dishes.Ingredients:Long...
Biona Organic Ginger Juice 200ml
£3.32 £3.89
Biona Organic Ginger Juice is made from 100% natural organic ingredients with no added sugar. This aromatic and zingy ginger juice is made with organic...
Biona Organic / Demeter Sauerkraut 680g
£2.12 £2.39
Biona sauerkraut is a tasty side dish served with salads, grilled vegetables and veggie hot dogs.Ingredients:White Cabbage*, Sea Salt, Juniper Berries*certified organic ingredients.
Biona Organic Black Venus Piedmont Rice 500g
£3.16 £3.69
Aromatic rice from Piedmont, adds colour and delicious nutty flavour to favourite dishes.Ingredients:Wholegrain Black Venus Rice*=certified organic ingredients.
Biona Organic Black Chickpeas 400g
£1.08 £1.09
Biona Organic Black Chick Peas  Ingredients Black Chick Peas* (60%), Water   *=Certified Organic Ingredients
Biona Organic Seitan Pieces marinated in ginger and soya sauce 350g
£3.56 £4.19
Vegan Seitan Pieces marinated in soya sauce and ginger. A tasty meat replacement, ready to use.Ingredients:Wheat Gluten*, Tamari* (soya beans*, sea salt) (15%), Indian Curry*...
Biona Organic Rice/Buckwheat Seed Bread 250g
£2.92 £3.69
Our Organic Rice Buckwheat Bread is traditionally made in Germany by organic bakers and perfect as part of a gluten free diet. Buckwheat is a...
Biona Organic Millet Bread 250g
£3.16 £3.69
Studded with wholegrain millet, our long life bread is a delicious gluten-free loaf and tastes lovely with savory or sweet toppings. Millet grain is highly...
Biona Organic Lupin Beans in Glass Jar 340g
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Biona Organic Lupine Beans in Jar have mild nutty flavour and a firm texture. Packed with protein and fibre along with essential vitamins, this nutritious...
Biona Organic Coconut Milk 400ml
£1.72 £1.89
Our popular organic coconut milk with a ring pull for easy open.As this is a natural, organic product without any articifical stabilisers or additives the...
Biona Dark Chocolate Spread Organic-Vegan 350g
£3.07 £3.59
A delicious vegan chocolate spread suitable for children and adults alike!Try mixed into cake icing or as a topping on toast for a tasty treat.Ingredients:Cane...
Biona Organic Chilli Con Quinoa 400g
£2.68 £3.09
Biona Organic Chilli Con Quinoa combines kidney beans, quinoa, corn and peppers in a spicy tomato sauce for a meal that is rich in protein...
Biona Organic Golden Turmeric Sauerkraut 350g
£1.80 £1.99
Biona Organic Golden Sauerkraut is made with fresh turmeric and ginger for a subtle kick. This Sauerkraut will liven up all your favourite meals -...
BionaTart Cherry Juice Pure - Not from concentrate 200ml
A sophisticated alternative to breakfast juices, our organic tart cherry juice is sweet and zesty.Our specially selected organic farmers press freshly harvested tart cherries to...
Biona Spelt Lasagne Organic 250g
£2.52 £2.89
Spelt is one of the oldest cultivated grains (an ancient cousin of wheat). It is high in fibre, has a higher content of protein and...
Biona Shoyu Sauce Organic - Traditionally brewed 145ml
£1.96 £2.19
Our Biona Shoyu sauce has been traditionally brewed and is premium quality. With its intense and salty flavour, it is ideal to use in everyday...
Biona Rice Syrup Organic 350g
£2.92 £3.39
Biona Organic Rice Syrup is a certified organic rice syrup which has a mellow sweet taste. It is suitable as a bread spread, to sweeten...
Biona Org Mustard Medium Hot - Classic German - No added sugar 320ml
£2.20 £2.49
Add a twist to your meals with new Biona Organic Medium Hot Mustard to liven up your favourite dishes. Classic German recipe made with simple...
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