Biona Cornichons Organic 330g
£3.01 £3.49
A special blend of dill and mustard seeds makes these little pickled cucumbers big in flavour. Great in sandwiches, homemade tartare sauce and as an...
A Vogel Herbamare Low Salt 125g
£3.01 £3.19
A Vogel Herbmare Low Salt It is made with potassium chloride - for those on a low sodium diet for high blood presure. Low sodium...
Aspall Raw Organic Cyder Vinegar 500ml
£2.40 £2.79
Aspall Raw Organic Cyder Vinegar Fermented from the juice of a special blend of whole organically grown dessert and cyder apples, this vinegar has a...
AspallOrganic White Wine Vinegar 350ml
£1.67 £1.79
Aspall Organic White Wine Vinegar 350ml A truly superior white wine vinegar with a clean, crisp flavour and a deliciously refreshing zingy fruit aroma. Serving...
AspallOrganic Red Wine Vinegar 350ml
£1.67 £1.79
Aspall Organic Red Wine Vinegar 350ml Fermented from organic grapes in the Rioja region of Spain, ensuring a deliciously warm aroma and a clean rounded...
AspallOrganic Cyder Vinegar 500ml
£2.09 £2.19
Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar is matured over time and bottled unpasteurised to produce a beautifully delicate apple flavour and a pleasant, clean finish.IngredientsAspall Cyder Vinegar...
AspallOrganic Balsamic Vinegar 350ml
£2.90 £3.59
Aspall Organic Balsamic Vinegar 350ml The dark, rich colour and exquisite flavour have come to symbolise luxury and can animate almost any home cooking and...
AspallCyder Vinegar 350ml
£1.57 £1.69
Aspall Cyder Vinegar 350ml A delicate apple flavour and a pleasant clean finish. We use the same Cyder production methods as for our Premium Suffolk...
Al'Fez Za'atar 38g
£1.93 £2.39
£1.93 £2.39
Al'Fez Za'atar 38g Al'Fez Za'atar is an aromatic and warming mixture of Herbs, Sumac and Sesame Seeds, which adds delicious Middle Eastern taste to a...
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