Rocket FuelEnergy Instant Coffee 100g
£2.85 £3.29
Unlike any other coffee. Rocket Fuel's special formula means the power hits fast and lasts. A high octane dark roasted instant coffee that uniquely gives...
Drink Me Chai Free From No Added Sugar Chai Latte - 200g
£2.44 £2.80
Free From Drink me Chai Latte 200g no added sugar and non dairy A powdered blend of spices & black tea with natural sweetener ....
Clipper Fairtrade Organic Latin American Instant Coffee 100g
£3.82 £4.49
A joyfully toasty blend of smooth, Latin American Arabica. It's pleasure in an instant.IngredientsInstant CoffeeBrewing InstructionsAlways use fresh water. Boil and leave to cool for...
Tea India Coconut Chai 40 Box
Sold Out
Tea India Coconut Chai 40 BoxA creamy blend of black tea, coconut and exotic spices for a truly distinctive Chai experience.IngredientsBlack tea* (75%), coconut flavouring...
Organic India Organic Tulsi Original 25 bags
£2.85 £3.29
Organic India Organic Tulsi Original 25 bags ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Original Tea makes a stress relieving, energizing and delicious herbal tea. Tulsi or Holy Basil...
Organic India Organic Tulsi Brahmi (Gotu Kola) 25 bags
£2.85 £3.29
Organic India Organic Tulsi Brahmi (Gotu Kola) 25 bags Good memory and sharp brain power is very important to reach at your career goal and...
Clipper Organic Green & Mint 20 Tea Bags
£1.80 £1.99
The perfect balancing act, this bright and breezy green tea has been infused with a cooling menthol peppermint flavour.IngredientsGreen tea, natural peppermint flavouring (4.5%), peppermint...
Rice Dream Hazelnut & Almond 1000ml
£1.98 £2.25
Hazelnut Almond variety is made with 100% natural ingredients. With the subtle sweetness and delicious creaminess, this mouth watering drink will be a hit with...
Clipper Organic Green & Lemon 80 Tea bags
£3.40 £3.99
20 Unbleached Bags of Organic Green Tea & LemonA light, crisp and highly refreshing green tea with a delicious lemony citrus zing.IngredientsGreen tea, Natural lemon...
Clipper Organic Dandelion Infusion 20 bags
£1.36 £1.45
This highly acclaimed herb delivers a refreshing drink, naturally caffeine free and perfect as part of a healthy diet.IngredientsDandelionBrewing InstructionsAlways use fresh water. Boil and...
Clipper Fairtrade Pure Green Tea 80 bags
£2.62 £2.99
This light and delicate pure green tea, with a bright golden colour, tastes as good as it looks in the cup.IngredientsGreen Tea.Brewing InstructionsAlways use fresh...
SymingtonsDandelion Coffee 300g
£5.73 £6.89
Symingtons Symingtons Dandelion Coffee 300gSymingtons Dandelion Coffee is a refreshing caffeine free drink made without the use of chemicals or preservatives. The healthy properties of...
Sojade Org Rice Drink with Calcium 1ltr
£1.60 £1.65
Sojade Organic Rice Drink Calcium. 100% dairy free. Naturally lactose-free like all dairy free products. Naturally low in saturated fats.While we try to ensure that...
Sanchi Bonsoy 1000ml
£3.01 £3.49
£3.01 £3.49
Bonsoy - is created from a select variety of whole organic soybeans that are processed to the highest standard, helping deliver the best that nature...
Koko Dairy Free Super Milk UHT 1L
£1.96 £2.19
Made with freshly pressed coconut milk.Every day fresh, ripe coconuts are pressed within hours of picking so we can guarantee that all of our products...
Equal Exchange Espresso Grown by Women Coffee 1kg
£15.38 £18.95
Equal Exchange Espresso Grown By Women Coffee 1kg 1kg organic, vegan friendly Equal Exchange Whole Bean Espresso, made using fairly traded ingredients.
Clipper Organic Snore & Peace 20 bags
£2.00 £2.25
Organic chamomile, lemon balm and lavender infusion. Just the thing before lights out.Brewing InstructionsAlways use fresh water. Boil and leave to cool for a minute...
Clipper Organic Everyday Tea 80 bags
£3.01 £3.49
A deliciously refreshing and full-bodied blend of quality black teas, sourced from the finest Organic tea gardens.IngredientsOrganically Grown Black TeaBrewing InstructionsAlways use fresh water, pour...
Clipper Fairtrade Organic Papua New Guinea Rich Roast 100g
£4.20 £4.99
Organically grown, hand-picked and dried in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Rich, buttery and smooth - an exceptional coffee.IngredientsCoffeeBrewing InstructionsAlways use fresh water. Boil...
The Berry Company Blueberry juice drink 1L
DescriptionTaste and goodnessIncluding blueberry and other fruitsFat freeFree from dairy, gluten, wheat and lactoseNo preservativesNo artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservativesSuitable for vegansAbout BlueberriesThe blueberry,...
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