CM Naturals Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder 60g
£2.47 £2.99
Sourced from Sri Lanka, CM Naturals brings you our premium quality, ethically sourced Cinnamon. Used for over 4000 years, it's no wonder that Cinnamon is...
The Cornish Seaweed Company Organic Kelp Flakes 60g
£3.84 £4.79
The Cornish Seaweed Company Organic Kelp Flakes 60gKelp, also known as Kombu, is famously used in Japanese cooking and for its unique umami taste. A...
The Cornish Seaweed Company Flaked Organic Dulse Flakes. 40g
£4.22 £5.29
The Cornish Seaweed Company Flaked Organic Dulse Flakes. 40gTraditionally favoured by the Irish, Dulse adds amazing taste, colour and a healthy kick to a huge...
The Cornish Seaweed Company Cornish Seaweed Salt - 70g
£2.44 £2.95
The Cornish Seaweed Company Cornish Seaweed Salt - 70gA blend of our Organic Dulse, Nori & Sea Greens mixed with pure high quality Cornish Sea...
Sanchi Umeboshi Plums ORG 150g
£6.26 £6.99
Made from Japanese plums, Organic Umeboshi is a deliciously zesty and versatile seasoning which has been eaten in Japan for over 1000years. Used to add...
Sanchi Furikaki 65g
£3.07 £3.59
£3.07 £3.59
Sanchi Furikake Japanese Seasoning is a superbly tasty addition to many meals and foods. The simple ingredients add a truly distinctive taste to meals. It...
Samosaco Punjabi Lime Pickle - 180g
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A classic and traditional Lime Pickle. Perfect as an accompaniment to any Curry or with Poppadoms. Can also be ground and used as a Marinade...
Punjaban Keema Curry Base 350g
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Punjaban Authentic Curry Base Keema is the perfect base for any Keema dish... This all-in-one Keema Curry Base is traditionally for minced lamb/minced Quorn. Its...
Punjaban Bombay Potato Base 350g
£2.58 £2.99
Punjaban Bombay Potato Base is a tomato base with unrivalled texture and taste. Ideal as a side dish or main meal, those who are sensitive...
Punjaban Authentic Curry Base Mild 350g
£2.58 £2.99
Punjaban Authentic Curry Base Mild is a pleasant Mild Curry Base infused with fresh onion and tomato. Are you one to enjoy a curry with...
Herbamere Sea Salt Herbs & Vegetables 125g
£2.50 £2.89
Most of us watch that we do not use too much salt. With the extra flavour imparted by the herbs in Herbamare, you wont need...
Gaea Organic Green Olives 300g
£2.16 £2.45
Handpicked from organically cultivated trees, these superb Gaea organic Olympian olives are plump, fleshy and full of flavour. Eat on their own or add to...
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Cotswold Health Products Noble Sweet Paprika 50g Cotswold Nobel Sweet Paprika (Capsicum annuum) is ideal fore a range of uses and adds an earthy smoky...
Clearspring Ume Shiso Seasoning 500ml
£3.18 £3.69
Is the juice from the pickling of umeboshi, salt-pickled plums, and is popular in Japan. This tart, tangy seasoning adds a refreshing zest to salad...
Al'Fez Lebanese Baharat 7 Spice Mix 42g
£1.93 £2.39
Lebanese Baharat is a “7 Spice Mix” that can be used to make classic Lebanese dishes such as Kibbeh, Kofta and Lahm B’Ageen and is...
Cornish Seaweed organic cornish seaweed pepper grinder 40g
Our sustainably hand- harvested, 100% organic, Cornish seaweed pepper grinder! Soil Association certified as organic. A colourful mix of organic black, green and red peppercorns...
Cornish Seaweed organic cornish seaweed salt grinder 100g
Our organic seaweed salt contains a colourful mix of organic red, green and red Cornish seaweeds and large sea salt crystals. Packed in a user-friendly...
Cornish Seaweed Sea Salad Seaweed Flakes Shaker - 12g
Sustainably hand-harvested, organic sea salad flakes. A mix of dulse, sea greens and nori, which adds real depth of flavour when sprinkled on salads, used...
Cornish Seaweed Mixed Seaweed Flakes Shaker - 40g
40g – Our mixed seaweed flakes contain a mix of brown seaweeds. This means they are perfect to use as a cooking ingredient. Simply add...
Cornish Seaweed Kelp Seaweed Flakes Shaker - 20g
Happily introducing our NEW! range of sustainably hand- harvested 100% organic Kelp Seaweed displayed in user-friendly spice shakers for your convenience. Keep them to hand...
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