Carley's Organic English Mustard 170g
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Carley's Organic English Mustard is a delicious fiery mustard, made from the finest freshly milled yellow Mustard Seeds in Cornwall, England. With no added salt...
Carley's Organic Coarse Grain Mustard 170g
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Organic Coarse Grain Mustard.No added sugar no added salt.Ingredients:cider vinegar*, mustard*, water, agave syrup* (* = organic) Lovely in sauces, dressings and dips.
Biona Org Mustard Medium Hot - Classic German - No added sugar 320ml
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Add a twist to your meals with new Biona Organic Medium Hot Mustard to liven up your favourite dishes. Classic German recipe made with simple...
Delouis Dijon Mustard - Organic - 200g
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Made simply from Mustard Seeds, Vinegar, Water and Sea Salt, this beautiful smooth Dijon mustard is full of flavour and makes a great accompaniment. No...
Biona Organic Wholegrain Mustard 200g
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Biona Organic Wholegrain Mustard includes organic mustard seeds, vinegar and spices. It's tangy sweetness comes from agavesyrup, a Mexican plant known for its extra sweet...
Biona Organic Horseradish Mustard 125g
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Fine organic relish for various savoury dishes and sauces. Keep refrigerated.Ingredients:Horseradish*(66%), cider vinegar*, water, sunflower oil*, apple juice conentrate*, sea salt, guar gum*= Certified Organic...
Biona Organic Dijon Mustard 200g
£2.12 £2.39
Biona Organic Dijon Mustard is delicious in sandwiches, with eggs or potato dishes, and adds taste and flavour to sauces and dressings.Ingredients:Mustard seeds* (49%), vinegar*,...
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