Recruiting your influencers can happen many places, but some of the best ones can be signed up on your webshop or site. We have written this article about the power of using own customers as influencers, and getting that essential information to them can happen on a well-built landing page. 

Landing pages are great for gathering all information your influencers need – especially if you plan to recruit big volumes. It will save you the time of communicating manually with individuals over and over again, and a well-built page signals exclusivity and that you have things under control. 

Hide the page URL from you navigation if you like to run an “invite only” strategy, or blow it up everywhere on your page to attract those valuable visitors. Experiment with getting traffic to the page via Facebook ads (custom audiences) e.g. people who have seen a minimum of X products on your shop, or only people who have converted. Email the link to your most valuable customers by filtering your customer database. Getting this group on board as influencers will produce very effective results for your business. 

With micro-influencers, you don’t necessarily want to create individual contracts with all of them, so the landing page can also serve as your terms & conditions for the activities.

The below is a good example of such landing page. Feel free to copy it for your own site.

↓ Landing page example ↓

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How does it work?

We use the platform to track your posts and sales. This means that we and you will have a dashboard showing the clicks you generate and how many of these turn into sales.

Every 1st weekday of the month we look at the previous month’s sales you have generated. The commission is then paid out to your paypal account (given that the return period for the items has lapsed).



How do you get started?

1) First of all, make sure you have a paypal account we can transfer your commission to.

2) Log on to and update your personal details.

3) Notify us when the above two steps are done, and we will then invite you to the campaign on the cocolab platform.



↑ Landing page example ↑

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